Monday, October 1, 2012

Club 54 Is Back! Join Us!

Greetings, Members and Supporters,

There is a lot of news to share. With just over 30 days until Election Day, there is much for each of us to do .... read on!


  • Club 54 Is Back!
  • Election 2012 - Where Do We Stand?
  • Winning The Ground Game - What You Can Do.
  • $100 Giveaway!
  • Local issues you need to know about.

CLUB 54: Join us this Tuesday, October 2nd from 5-6:00 at the Victory Office, located at 1587 Pacheco Street.  We will have delicious appetizers, wine, and soft drinks - plus wonderful  camaraderie with your fellow conservatives. 

Our featured guest speaker will be CD3 candidate Jefferson Byrd who will give us an update on the CD3 election.  Jeff is facing incumbent Ben Ray Lujan, Jr.  This is a challenging race and Jeff is facing a huge money disparity with Lujan's Democratic Money Machine.  So, what is the status of the race?  What are his chances?  Jeff will share what he has found by talking with voters throughout Northern New Mexico .. and what he has to say will surprise you! 

Typically, we charge $20 for members and $25 for non-members.  This month, we are offering a "Two-For-One" and ask that rather than making your checks out to the SFFRW, please make them out to Jeff Byrd For Congress.  Your check will help Jeff to continue his campaign to represent CD3 in Washington.

RSVP to or call Sheryl at 505-795-1292.

Election 2012 - Where Do We Stand?  There has been a lot of talk about how polls have been conducted and many political consultants will tell you they don't mean much.  Reagan was down and was thought to be unelectable, but by Election Day, 1980, he won by 10 points.   On the national level, foreign affairs could have a big impact.  The "fiscal cliff" could have an equally big impact domestically.  Anything can happen.  The most important thing, as I've written below, is to talk with voters one-on-one with factual information about the realities facing our country.  In New Mexico, we have donated to several state candidates who are hearing frustration with the way things have been going and are ready to make a change to a more conservative State Legislature.  The Governor still has strong and widespread support.  So things are not as bad as the main stream media would have us believe.  This week's debate will be very interesting.  I hope you'll be watching!

Winning The Ground Game:  As all political consultants will tell you, the last 30 days is all about getting your supporters to cast their vote.  The Democrats have their Unions and a large network of volunteers to go door-to-door and make calls.  This year, we can't afford to lose the ground game!  If voters only hear from the other side, we will have a harder time winning this election.  Bumper stickers and yard signs are available now ... show your support and let others know that they are not alone!

The Victory office has been making thousands of calls to voters throughout New Mexico and the results include knowing which voters are supporting our candidates.  Now, in these last few weeks, the calls will be going out to those who do support our candidates ... so if you have hesitated about making calls in the past, you can rest assured that these are "friendly" calls to people who are on our side.  Absentee and early voting starts soon, so we will be encouraging people to vote early.  There are thousands of calls that need to be made, each vote will count since by all estimates, this will be a close election.  (REMEMBER - George Bush won Florida by just 537 votes in 2000!  We need to get all of our supporters to cast their ballot!)

I urge you all to stay for an hour after Club 54's social time to make a few calls - again, these are "friendly" calls to supporters.  You'll come away encouraged and hopeful.  If you can help walk precincts (only knocking on supporters doors, by the way) and drop off some 'door hangers', your efforts will be greatly appreciated.  More information on that will be at the Victory office on Tuesday.

$100 Giveaway:  To show our appreciation for your efforts and to show how important we believe the voter contacts to be, Club 54 will have a raffle on Tuesday.  One raffle ticket for each 50 calls made (this takes much less than one hour).  We will have the drawing at 8:00 pm on Tuesday and the winner will get a $100 bill - what would you do with an extra $100?  It's totally up to you!  To make sure that you have a phone to use, please let us know when making your Club 54 RSVP that you want a phone!

Local Issue Alert:

Pro-union construction law meeting Tuesday

Contractors, construction workers and members of the general public are invited to a hearing of the city Public Works Committee on the Community Workforce Agreement Ordinance. The hearing will take begin at 4:45 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall and will feature a report on the procedures and process for implementation of projects covered by the city ordinance that goes into effect this month.

The agreement calls for contractors on capital projects exceeding $500,000 to use union hiring halls for a majority of their workers. Among other provisions, hiring halls have to agree that local workers will constitute a majority of employees, and workers have to join the union at least for the duration of the city job. Backers say the ordinance benefits workers and creates a more skilled labor pool in the city, but some argue it will cost taxpayers more money. An office complex in the Railyard is set to be the first test case. It has not yet gone to bid.
“We’d like to hear the community’s perspective on how this ordinance will impact Santa Fe. We’d like to have an open, honest discussion,” said Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger, chair of the Public Works Committee.

Mayor David Coss

Councilor Chris Calvert – District 1

Councilor Patti Bushee – District 1

Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger – District 2

Councilor Peter Ives – District 2

Councilor Carmichael Dominguez – District 3

Councilor Christopher Rivera – District 3

Councilor Ronald Trujillo – District 4

Councilor Bill Dimas – District 4

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